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I am 48 and have outlived my mom and brother....

My mom died when she was 47. I was only 13 when she died from lung cancer. She smoked, and I hated it. I begged her many times to stop, but she just couldn’t.

My brother Randy died when he was 44, from suicide. He struggled a lot, and he just couldn’t overcome his challenges.

I was a very shy and overweight kid, who used food as comfort through grief, and only found exercise once I had my daughter at 31.

I didn’t want my kids to experience what I went through, losing a mom so young. 

This is why I made health and wellness my career and my life.

Physical health = mental health.

I became a Certified personal trainer once I saw the long-lasting changes both physically and mentally in myself. If I could do it, anyone can! 

I became a fitness studio owner so I, with my great team, could impact my community. Exercise brings people together. It creates not only good health, but strong social connections that further boost our overall health! 

I became a Board Certified Health Coach to keep advocating for disease PREVENTION rather than treatment. 

I REALLY believe that if you invest in your wellness now, you won’t have to invest in illness later.

My passion is helping busy and tired women over 40 prioritize themselves(without guilt!) so that they can be healthy, happy and live fulfilling lives that truly excite them.

Life is too short! 

We don’t know how long we are here for.

Stop making excuses.

Need help? 

Let’s connect. Link in bio! 

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