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Welcome to Christine Hall Coaching!

A little about me, wellness coaching and why I love empowering women to get healthier, one step at a time.

Hi everyone!

I'm Christine, and I'm so excited to be here. It took a LOT of years to get here. It just goes to show that good things take time! :)

I wasn't always healthy. I was an overweight, lonely kid who used food to comfort myself. I was the kid that was literally picked last in gym class. When my Mom died when I was 13, I found solace in food and continued to gain weight, right through University, and afterwards.

I only started to change my life when I had my daughter Mackenlie, and I joined a 'Mom and Baby' learn-to-run program. It changed my life. I wanted to maintain my identity as Christine, not just a mom(although I loved being one). It gave me freedom! And when I came back from my runs, I was a better parent and wife. My husband used to say to me if I was in a bad mood, "Honey...why don't you go for a run?" because he knew I'd come back happier and in a much better mood!

I not only lost the pregnancy weight over time, but I started running longer and longer. I thought I'd try a 5k run. Then it was a 10k run. Somehow it became a half-marathon. Then it was full marathons. I ran 10 full marathons in my crazy running days! But what running taught me was that taking small steps consistently added up. I built up slowly, and ran distances I NEVER thought I would ever be capable of.

It empowered me. I then thought to myself, "If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!"

So, I became a Certified Personal Trainer. I thought it would be a side gig, to accompany my job as a Flight Attendant so I could fly less and help people get healthier on the side.

Little did I know, that my love of Personal Training soon became a full-time job. I decided to take a HUGE leap, and open up my own fitness studio, Thrive Movement Studio in South Surrey BC. I did both jobs for about a year, and then decided to focus my time and energy on the fitness studio. I made the hardest decision ever, and decided to quit flying.

My fitness studio was thriving! (Ha, excuse the pun!). I had taken my life coaching certification in 2014, and continued to rack up courses. I did my nutrition coaching course in 2015, I just couldn't get enough of learning about health and wellness. I wanted to show everyone that you can not just survive life and get through the day, but THRIVE.

I was thriving....until I had a freak ski accident in Whistler in February 2022. I ruptured both of my achilles tendons in a terrible accident, that left me in a wheelchair for 2 months, unable to bear weight on my legs. I was in 2 air cast boots 24-7(yes, even sleeping!) and I couldn't walk. I couldn't work. My entire life changed in the blink of an eye.

I knew, that to keep me mentally sane and to not go down a deep, dark rabbit hole, I had to do something mentally. I couldn't use my body in the same way to manage my anxiety and stress, so I needed to find something positive to focus on. I decided to take the Master Health Coaching program I had my eyes on for years, but always made excuses committing to it.

I LOVED it. It solidified everything I had taken over the years, and gave me the motivation to start health coaching. Once I passed, I continued to take the Board Certified National Health and Wellness Coaching Certified(NBC-HWC), and I received my board designation in March of 2023!

So here I am. Yes, I still run my fitness studio and love it. But I also love spending time with women one-on-one, who need help and support making sense of all of the noise out there when it comes to health and wellness. There is a LOT of noise out there, which tends to paralyze women and then they don't take ANY action because they don't know where to start.

That's my job. I walk alongside you and empower you to prioritize your well-being through EASY nutrition and exercise, so you can live an AMAZING, kick-ass life!

Honestly. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Let's do it together. Let's connect and see if I'm the right fit for you.

Christine :)


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