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I empower women to prioritize their well-being through easy nutrition and exercise, so they can live an AMAZING life!

As a Health and Life Coach, my goal is to help women achieve their health and fitness goals in a way that works for them. Whether you're a busy mom or a working professional, I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best.


I work with my clients to empower them to make SIMPLE nutrition and exercise plans that fit their lifestyle and help them reach their goals.This is a space where you can learn more about my approach and the services I offer. From one-on-one coaching to group workshops, I'm here to support you on your wellness journey.

Christine Hall

Let's work together so you can live the life you want to live!

Christine Hall Coaching

Health Coaching client

What is health coaching?


  • A personalized partnership: we work TOGETHER to create sustainable changes and small action steps

  • Goal setting and behaviour change: so you will see results

  • Accountability: I help you stay on track with regular check-ins.

  • Empowerment: I empower you to make informed choices so you will see lasting transformation in both physical health and overall lifestyle.

Nutrition coaching

Get clarity

You can't get to where you want to go if you don't know where you are starting from. 

You want to feel better and make changes but you don't know how to start. 

This is where I learn about you, what you want to achieve and we create a plan of action TOGETHER. 

get empowered

I help you to become empowered with your health and wellness through small behaviour changes so it's doable and EASY for your life.

You are becoming more confident and seeing results!


We plan for challenges as they come up, and celebrate the successes you will have!

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get your amazing life!

You are living the life you wanted for yourself but didn't know how to get!

You are making healthier food choices, exercising more consistently and ENJOYING life.

You feel AMAZING and have joy again.

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